Case Overview

· Name: HI CITY

· Location: Xiangzhou, Zhuhai, China

· Owner: Zhuhai Urban Construction Group Co.,Ltd

· Lighting Design: Shenzhen Sunmemory Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd

· Luminaire Provider: Guangdong Shone Lighting Co., Ltd

· Finished Time: 2019



is a tourism and commercial project

supporting the Zhuhai Grand Theater.

It integratesculture,

tourism and entertainment.

It is a new landmark of cultural tourism in Zhuhai

and a new business card for the city.

In the project,

the steps connecting the square

and the viewing platform of Zhuhai Grand Theater

used SHONE LED Wall Tiles.


The surface of the product is customized with deep granite texture, which is integrated

with the original steps, and does not affect the vision and beauty during the day.


Light Type

Customized 1000x85x30mm LED Stair Riser

Customized 500x85x30mm LED Stair Riser

Customized 250x85x30mm LED Stair Riser



The matching sand gray non-slip installation groove

makes the luminous step brick

hidden in the original groove of the step,

and it is perfectly combined with the step

without destroying the original beauty of the building.

(Left) Sand gray non-slip installation groove.

(Right) Integrate with steps during the day


Using the DMX512 control system,

according to the needs of the situation,

Shone LED wall tiles

create a variety of dynamic lights.


High Light efficiency,

to ensure the brightness and reliability of the lamps,

low power, energy-saving.


SHONE provides technical support for the project,

including guiding installation,

training and on-site commissioning,

which is conducive to the owner's future use

and maintenance of the lamps.

△ SHONE team guides on-site installation and commissioning

Haiyun City shows its charm

in the changes of light and shadow,

showing a brand-new image of "city living room".

△Night view of Hi City